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Layout Tours

Please feel free to take a virtual tour of some of the various club layouts we've had over the years.

Welcome to the Pikes Peak "N" Gineers Model Railroad Club's world of N scale, a place in which space has been compressed into a ratio of 1:160.  From your eye-level vantage point, towering hundreds of N scale feet in the air, you look down on a tiny, ant-like civilization.  People are about a 1/2 inch tall, cars are only an inch long, and huge locomotives weigh mere ounces.  In this magical world, you find the club's theme:  the Rocky Mountains, modeling anything which is, or could be, located within a 200 mile radius of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Take your time and look closely at the modular displays.  The club's policy is to own as few modules as feasible.  Accordingly, most are owned by individual club members whose scenery and other techniques differ.  But the work of each is quite realistic in its own right.  There is some real craftsmanship and art here.  Each module or group of modules conforms to NTRAK standards which gives the club the flexibility to interchange and rearrange modules to form a different sized layout or a different shaped one, all depending on the size and shape of the room.

You will find that the modules are in different phases of construction.  One reason for this situation is due to the ages of the modules, some are as old as the club, which was founded in October 1989; some are just being started.  In any event, the viewer is the winner, he can inspect different methods of construction and scenery in progress.

One advantage of N scale model railroading is that it becomes possible to allow the countryside to overwhelm the railroad just as it does in real life.  So, if you don't look closely, you'll miss many interesting, and sometimes humorous details.

Please do not touch anything on the modules.  Some of the details are quite fragile and difficult to make or replace.

Rio Grande Depot
(Sorry, no diagram yet)
This is our current club layout.  While it is still under constuction (we don't have any scenery except for one module), we can run trains all the way around on the three mainlines.  The Mountain line (the Green line) is still under construction.
MTL The Morgan Traveling Layout  This is our current traveling layout.  It's the one that we take to shows.  It is an 18-foot square layout and the public views it from the outside of the square while the club members are inside.
Lazy-W This was the traveling layout we had before we built the MTL.  It was in the shape of a wide and shallow 'W' and the public viewed it from the 'top' of the 'W' while the club members were on the other side.
T-hangar This is the layout we had when we were in an airplane T-hangar at the Meadowlake Airport out in Falcon, Colorado.  It was our club location from June 2002 through May 2004.
Jeannine This is the layout we had when we were at the Jeannine club location.  We were there from April 1997 through April 2001.