The Railhead


Celebrating 20 years of model railroading

February 2010 RAILROADING SINCE OCTOBER 13, 1989


Feb  2, 9, 16, and 23: Tuesday work sessions 7 to 9pm
Feb 5, 12: Friday work sessions 7 to 9pm
Feb 6, 13, & 27th: Saturday run sessions 9am to 11am
Feb 26th: Business Meeting from 7pm to 9pm
Feb 20 & 21: World's Greatest Hobby on Tour - Denver, CO
2010 Events
March 20 & 21: Garden City Show - see below
June    11 & 12: Limon Railroad days

2010 Field Trips

1. Tiny Town -Dispatcher- Chris

2. Greeley Museum- Dispatcher- Bob: This will be May 22nd 8am meet at Monument Park and ride

3. Hagerman Tunnel -Dispatcher-Mike

4. Moffat Tunnel West Portal -Dispatcher- Jeff

5. Camp Hale Campout & Exploration -Dispatcher- Mike

6. Alpine Tunnel -NEED DISPATCHER

7. Denver, South Park and Pacific -NEED DISPATCHER

Rail Journeys for 2010

1. RTC Light Rail in Denver - Dispatcher- Lester

"2010 DUES are DUE"!! To receive the 1 month discount the 11 month total needs to be paid before March 1st.

2010 Club Officers
Superintendent:     - Mike Peck
Assistant Superintendent:    - Lester Coburn
Station Master:     - Bob LaHair
Paymaster:     - Chris Dueker
Member at Large:    - Steve Tesnear
Member at Large:    - John Grier


The GTE show was a success for two days at the Phil Long Expo Center. Many visitors came and enjoy one of the best hobbies.  Many observers enjoy the look of our layout and many scenarios that were on the Pikes Peak Engineers layouts. Many laughs and amazement as specters enjoy their time at the show. The club made the Gazette newspaper. Mike even quizzed the reporter

AS Quoted from Mike Peck to the Newspaper Reporter: "Mike Peck pointed out his favorite scene where a miniature highway is blocked off and several ambulances and military vehicles dot the area. There's a large tent and you can't see what's going on underneath. This is, what these guys imagine it to be anyway, a scene of an alien hunt like that in Roswell, N.M.

"Go ahead, look closely," Peck said almost giggling. "I bet you can't find the alien."

Sure enough, perched on a mountaintop away from all the action is their tiny alien. Even with him, they're as accurate as they can be. He's an Andorian from Star Trek with bright blue skin and blond hair.

Just out front of the scene, of course, is a scale-size model train chugging past".

Here are some Photos from the show Courtesy of the Editor:

World's Greatest Hobby Show

We will load the MTL around noon on Friday February 19, 2010. There is a signup sheet for this event in the club room so please signup so we can get a head count. Location will be at the National Western Complex   4655 Humboldt St. Denver, CO 80216. Show hours will be Saturday: 10am to 6pm

Sunday: 10am to 5pm. Here is a detailed link of where the National Western Complex is located

Garden City show

We need a minimum of five people to attend this fun show. We will load the MTL on Friday morning March 19, 2010 and head for Garden City. Show times are as follows Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm with tear down following closing. We will head back to Colorado on Monday morning. For motel reservations we usually stay at the Continental Inn - 1-800-621-0318. They now provide a free continental breakfast. Reserve for three days -Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights

Royal Gorge Tickets

If anyone who did not get a chance to ride the Royal Gorge train the club has 9 tickets to use before they expire. If anyone is interested in utilizing these tickets the cost is $49.25 each. This is the group discount price. They can only be used on a weekend. Contact Mike Peck so he can make the arrangements for you.


Beginning in March 2010 is when the clinic would be starting if anyone is interested and have not filled the request sheets out yet. Give the club some feedback or let us know if you are interested. Contact the officers in charge of the club for further information

Superintendent's Corner

As superintendent I'm allowed to appoint committees and positions to fulfill needs of the club. The committees and positions I have appointed are as follows.

Archivists: maintains the club history and is held by Chris Dueker

Railhead Editor: writes the club news letters the Railhead and is held by Jeff Govin

Track Committee Chairman: assists with track plans on new modules and track repair and is held by Rick Shumpert.

Inventory Clerk: Takes inventory of all club assets and reports them to Paymaster and is held by John Grier.

Clinic Chairman: will organize and schedule clinics for Tuesday and Friday night work sessions. Charley Bay is the chairman

Field & Train Trip Chairman: Will meet with trip dispatchers and will set the dates and times and meeting places for trips. This position is held by Lester Coburn.

TECO Liaison: Attends TECO meetings and reports back to the club this position is held by Dave Woosley

Youth in Model Railroading Liaison: Attends monthly meetings and coordinates club personnel with assistance in teaching "N" scale and to recruit new members once they reach 18. Jeff Govin has taken this position.

Club Liaison Officer: Visits other clubs and organizations and informs club of their activities this position is held by John Grier.

Publicity & New Membership Coordinator: Implements materials and programs to attract new members. This position is taken by Bob LaHair.

The membership is encouraged to assist or help any or all of these committees.

We hope to start giving clinics in March so for those of you who haven't turned in your clinic questionnaires please send them in. Mike

Photographers Corner

This is a new feature in the newsletter. If you have any rail fanning photos, Scenery photos or general photos of the beloved N Scale trains feel free to send it to my email

EDITORS NOTES: Hello this is your new editor of the Railhead news letter. As Your Editor I will get you as much information as I get each month of upcoming shows, events, Clinics and photos. A new thing I will start is a member spotlight. It will introduce you to each member of the club. I hope you enjoy this month's news letter with some of the changes in it .If there is any other changes you would like to see let me know by email .